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From Coast to Coast

Hello Fellow Travelers

Like many people in our age bracket, life as we know it has changed and has taken new dimensions.  Life is exploding in ways that we did not anticipate thirty or so years ago.  It's all fun and all good, but can be exhausting.  Being a grandmom is part of my story just as it is a part of yours and I will be happy to share the journey with you.

This blog is created from  my desire to communicate the experiences of this traveling grandmom.  I had always assumed that my time as a grandmother would be like my own Mom's experience, but I was so wrong.  I'm part of a big Irish family and I remember all my nieces and nephews coming for Sunday dinner and then leaving so their parents could give them baths and get them to bed. My experience is nothing like that and I am not alone.

 In my travels I find many grandparents who travel long distances to take care of grandchildren for months at a time which often means living in the same house,  So, for 3 or 6 months a year you experience living in a generational environment, then go back to your private home for 6 or so months and begin the adventure again the following year.  It's all good but also can be overwhelming sometimes. 

As a designer and writer  I can take my skill sets with me, but some of the grandparents I meet are  engaged in businesses that are not so portable and that's tricky to keep going but they do.  Hats off to them.

Feel free to join me on my journey.  I would love the company and if you inclined to write me an email, please do.  I welcome the chance to meet you, even if it is just online.  Any who knows, we may even actually meet as we fly or trek across county.   

Stay in Touch

If you are part of this Grandparent Brigade I would love to hear your story.  

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